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ThankTank Creative works within your budget to help reach your marketing goals. Our rate structure is broken down into three main pricing categories:

Per Project | Hourly | Retainer

  • Per project - Your company has a need. A logo or a brochure or perhaps a suite of marketing materials for an upcoming tradeshow. Let ThankTank Creative quote on your project. One fixed price, deposit due at beginning of engagement and balance due upon successful completion. This is an excellent option when you want us to take the project from concept to completion.


  • Hourly - Working hourly ($175/hour Senior Art Director/Account Manager) is ideal when you have your own idea and need a professional to put on the finishing touches. Or, perhaps you have an ad you need for a playbill or magazine, hourly might be perfect for you (please note: hourly is NOT a good option for larger groups trying to come to consensus on one idea). NFP rate = $125/hour.


  • Retainer - For our bigger clients, and those who require annual marketing plans, the retainer option is ideal. We estimate an entire year's worth of marketing initiatives and are paid a monthly amount to become a permanent partner in marketing within the organization. This is 24/7 marketing support for clients who want boardroom-level marketing, design, and public relations on an on-going basis.


We get many requests for logo design and our rate structure for creating stunning logos like these is as follows:


  • $175/hour if we are rendering a concept/idea you provide. You send us a sketch and we turn it into a professional logo and provide all final files in every format you will need. It usually takes two (2) hours to complete.

  • $575 total. We supply up to six (6) original design concepts (these could be logo/icons and/or typography depending on what mood our designers are in that day). You choose up to two (2) of these original concepts to refine (font and colors, etc) and we focus on the final design and provide all the final files in every format you will need.

  • $975 total. We supply up to eight (8) concepts and taglines/branding/positioning statements and you choose your 2-3 favorite variations on these initial ideas and we focus in on 1-2 and further refine. We will also develop collateral design, business card design, and show the logo in practical use once it is done.

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